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Pagaya was born on the beach. More specifically on the beaches of Costa Vicentina, in Portugal.

It is a brand made of sand and sea. Of dips and waves. Sunbathes and sunsets. Of sandcastles and sands that form dunes. Of deserted beaches and crowded beaches. Of caves and slopes. Of fishermen and seagulls. It's a brand made of salt in your hair and sand in your feet. It's barefoot. It's carefree. It's irreverent like the summer. It's the summer. It's Pagaya.

Made for those who can't be far from the horizon line.

Made in Portugal

Pagaya is proud to be a Portuguese brand. From concept to design to production, there is care for quality throughout the entire process and confidence in the experience of national production. The raw material also mostly originates in Portugal, which allows for the creation of unique, resistant and high quality products.

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